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Making An Evening with My Comatose Mother took many talented actors, artisans, technicians, and filmmakers. Find out more about the great people behind the film, where you may have seen them before, and what they've got coming up next. If you're interested in working with them on your own project in the future, don't hesitate to get contact them or us for more information.

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Wendy Macy - Dorothy Pritchard
As a competition dancer and vocalist in early life, Macy grew in her love of performance, which translated into a desire to study acting as well. This resulted in Macy studying acting at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music within their Preparatory department, and she continued her studies through the Cincinnati Actor's Studio where she studied intensely with her friend and mentor Bob Elkins (Winner of the Dublin Film Festival's Best Actor Award 2003). Macy has starred in many plays in both Cincinnati and Salt Lake City where she took an interest in the theatre of the absurd. Favorite roles have included Estelle in No Exit, and Candy Starr in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
Macy's interest in film began when she starred in a TV Pilot titled Seven Hills in 2006 and since then, she has continued to explore the fascinating world of filmmaking. An Evening With My Comatose Mother is Macy's most recent work. As Macy has said, "It was an incredible opportunity to work on this level of production. Jonathan Martin is an incredibly talented and promising young writer and director and it was a humbling experience to work with this group of filmmakers."

Michele Wilson - Alice Poe
Michele was born in Southern California to a very athletic family. As a result, they were often involved in the television and movie business. This led to gigs for the entire family that would lead to her sister playing Marta in the film The Sound of Music, with her older sister also starring in numerous episodes of Leave It to Beaver. Michele's claim to fame would be her starring in "Kool-Aid" commercials. While Michele chose to start a family, the love of acting kept her pushing for more roles. She had a featured role in the film Nobody's Baby, alongside Ed O'Neil, and she has since had other work that has included film, industrial, print, and commercials. She has also done over 500 voice acting jobs. Michele currently resides in Utah and is represented by TMG.

Missy Hill - Mother

Missy Hill has been acting for many years. New into film, she's very excited and honored to have been a part of An Evening with My Comatose Mother. Represented by TMG in Salt Lake City, Missy trained at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, in Hollywood, California. She also has a lead role in the upcoming feature film, Unicorn City.

Rick Macy - Russell Poe

Rick is the director and instructor of The Actor's Academy. He has been studying the art and craft of acting for nearly 33 years. His early training was in theatre graduating from Brigham Young University in 1982 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Cinematic Arts with a minor in Psychology of Human Behavior. Rick has appeared in nearly 40 professional and semi-professional plays. His most cherished work has been with the LDS Church where he was privileged to portray such church historical figures as Zera Pulsipher, Martin Harris, and Joseph Smith, Sr. He also had the extraordinary privilege of performing in the IMAX film The Testaments, Of One Fold and One Sheppard, as Helam. The film was written and directed my Academy Award Director Keith Merrill. Rick is represented by TMG and resides in Provo, Utah.

Alivia Leonelli - Tiny Tim

Alivia has been acting for almost three years. She has a love for acting and performing. She has appeared in several independent films, where she has had lead roles. Her love for horror films helped her land the role of Tiny Tim in Jonathan Martin's An Evening with My Comatose Mother. Her dream is to someday become a famous actress, and she feels that her role in Comatose Mother is a stepping stone in her acting career to bring her that much closer to fulfilling her dream. She is represented by Knightstar Talent in Utah.

Sue Rowe - Juliet

Sue grew up in Utah where she started acting at the age of 16 in her high school drama club. When she graduated, she moved to Boston, where she started in film acting. Since then she has been involved in numerous film production in front of the camera and behind it. You can find her work in commercials, films, web series, industrials, print, voiceovers, and motion capture. Her credits include Disney's Go Figure, Once Upon a Summer, Elizabeth's Gift, One Good Man, The Last Eagle Scout, Lifetime Productions, Union Wireless, Ken Garff, Wingers, Waterford Early Reading Program, and Top Spin Tennis II. She is also currently working on her first Pop Country/Blues music CD and is planning a release January 2012. In 2006 Sue Rowe began writing, producing and directing films. Her short film Bluetiful, which she produced and acted in, won "Best Film" at the Gloria Film Festival 2008. She is currently in post-production on her feature film White Wings a 1920's Drama. It is a film with a cause that will help victims of domestic violence. Her non-profit foundation called "White Wings" is in development. For more information visit

Gary Reimer - Clown's Voice

Gary is a native of London, England who studied Acting and Film at Brigham Young University. Since deciding to pursue acting, his focus has always been film acting, but his many credits include work in the theatre, many of which include Shakespearean productions. He is currently working on the television show Mados: The Prophesy of the Apocalypse. He can also be seen in the upcoming 17 Miracles, For Robbing the Dead and as the lead in the supernatural thriller EVP. Gary is currently based out of Los Angeles, California.

Landon Richie - Additional Voices

Landon is a native of Durban, South Africa. His life as an amateur surfer began at a very young age on the shores of the Durban coast. His surfing became a gateway by which Landon could make a living, and by the age of 18 he started modeling and working on any film project he could. He moved to London and continued to model and play in punk and rock bands. He decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue more acting opportunities, and it has helped him land a lead role in a student version of Mad Max and commercial work for OraBrush.


April Frampton - Producer

April has been involved in the entertainment business for over 20 years and has training and experience in Film, Theater, Make-Up, TV, and Directing/Producing Events. She founded a small promotional company, R U Ready Promotions, which was designed to help actors, models, bands, make-up and hair artist and photographers get started in the entertainment business with the no nonsense approach for talents just getting started.
April had the opportunity to produce An Evening with my Comatose Mother along with other projects like Unpleasantville, White Wings, and Capital Punishment. She also worked on Everwood, HBO Special Trust, Unaccompanied Minors, and Wieners, serving in different areas of each of these productions. April currently works with Sandman Studios a Visual Effects & Animation Studio working with clients such as Disney, Sony, DreamWorks, Harper Collins, EA, and many others. April primary role for Sandman is Director of PR/Marketing for all service clients Sandman works with.

Chris Hanson - Producer & Special Make-up Effects Artist

Chris has created make-up effects in films for over 18 years. Beginning his professional career at age 22 with the Utah cult favorite Plan 10 from Outer Space, Chris relocated to Los Angeles for the next 13 years working for his idols, including Rick Baker and The Henson Creature Shop. While in Hollywood, Chris created creatures for some of the biggest films ever done, including Hellboy, Underworld, The X-Files, Men in Black 1 and 2, and more than 40 other features.

Five years ago Chris relocated back to his home town Salt Lake City to pursue his career as a Make-up Effects Supervisor from his own studio, and he has supervised the creatures and make-up effects for the locally shot feature films Frozen, S. Darko; a sequel to Donnie Darko, The Age of Dragons, Evil Angel, Snow Beast, Unicorn City, and many more. 

Even when budgets aren't up Hollywood's scale, a good script and a fun challenge has lured Chris to working with Utah's most ambitious talent who are making names for themselves. This year, filmmaker Jonathan Martin wrote, produced and directed the amazing short horror film An Evening With My Comatose Mother. Filled with wild horrific characters and monsters, Jonathan and Chris collaborated to make a short that easily qualifies as one of the most creative and professional films made in Utah. Serving also as a producer on Comatose, Chris has added some of his best work to date to his portfolio, and is collaborating once again with Jonathan to bring bigger and better horror films to the industry, and more importantly, to its fans.

Danny Drysdale - Producer

In just three short years, Danny Drysdale has translated his passion for music into a career directing music videos for some of the top names in the alternative music scene today, including Scissors for Lefty, The Envy Corps and The Hot Tramps. That work captured the attention of the breakout group The Killers, and Drysdale began directing music videos for them, including their latest hit "Human" (which Rolling Stone readers voted as the Best Song and Music Video of 2008).

The video for "Human" - shot on location in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park - was hugely successful, reaching #1 on the UK's NME charts and ranked among VH1's Top 20 videos, and was nominated for best international video on Canada's MUCH MUSIC.
He recently completed a new video for The Killers UK single "The World We Live In" and a video for Omaha's "Cursive".

A filmmaker at heart, Drysdale began making documentaries after college and has earned a reputation for fresh, Hollywood-styled films with an indie twist. He has produced for networks such as MTV, VH1, BBC America, The Sundance Channel and Nickelodeon, and directed original content for leading talent including Terrence Howard, Paul Giamatti and Judah Friedlander, among many others.

His first feature film documentary Rock the Bottom (chronicling the lives of the top female skateboarders today) is expected to make a big impact on the film festival circuit upon its release. He is currently directing and producing a documentary series entitled Multi-Purpose Guide to Filmmaking, which is an insider's guide to independent film starring actor Crispin Glover.

Josh Andersen - Executive Producer/Assistant Director

Josh was raised in Provo, Utah where he studied English, Humanities and Accounting during his time in at Brigham Young University. He works primarily as an Assistant Director, but has been an Executive Producer, Production Manager, Producer, Writer, and Director in several independent films, festival projects and commercials. Has no greater love than that of imagination, the human experience and Disneyland. Creation of stories, imagery, emotions, understanding, and childlike awe and wonder are the catalysts in his life. He describes himself as "potentially the biggest Peter Pan out there."

Ronald Martin - Executive Producer
Ron Martin is a highly successful financial broker, and his self-founded company is one of the most respected in its field. Ron is from, and resides, in Houston, Texas.

Denver Robbins - Executive Producer

Following in my father's footsteps as a makeup artist at local haunted houses, I launched my career in filmmaking creating special effects for local productions. After about five years I decided to become a producer. I spent over 10 years as a staff producer for a private company getting a taste for the job, and then in 2000 I co-founded Dark Sun Productions with screenwriter Lauren T. Hart. Together we have been involved with many productions, and our work has been seen on HBO, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN.

Brian D. Byers - Executive Producer

Brian has been in the industry for over 21 years as a Producer, Animation Director, and Intellectual Property designer. He has worked hand in hand with such names as Bill Gates, George Clooney, and Paul Reubens and has breathed life into such properties as Curious George and Spongebob Squarepants. As Art Director for Dark Sun Studios, Brian ensures that every project that leaves the studio is perfect on all levels including marketing, licensing and design. Not only does Brian manage the art and design at Dark Sun Studios, but he also is an idea warehouse, incubating his concepts, and nurturing them into reality with the strength of the Dark Sun team. Brian also teaches Business Marketing, Animation, Storyboarding, and Interactive Media Design at the Eagle Gate College in Layton, Utah.

Alisha Reverman - Associate Producer

With a long and diverse background in marketing, Alisha followed the inspiration of her heat and decided to pursue a career in entertainment. Due to her winning personality and appetite for success, she quickly formed Dawn Productions LLC. Attention from her productions allowed her to take a hosting position for ABC 4's At You Leisure, which she has been doing since December of 2009.

Camera and Electrical Department
Devin Graham - Director of Photography

Devin is breaking a trend in the film industry. While most aspiring cinematographers choose to find ways to appeal to film professionals, Devin is appealing to the world through YouTube. "I realized YouTube's potential while directing a commercial for Orabrush," says Devin. What he thought to be a simple social media ad ending up going viral with over 13 million views to date. It wasn't long before Devin decided to start his own YouTube channel, DevinSuperTramp, where every other Tuesday he posts videos for thousands of followers to see.

David Thorpe - Lead Gaffer

Angel Fisher - 2nd Assistant Director/Production Assistant

Angel has been a major part of the music and film industry of Utah for over 10 years. At 14 (with a fake ID) she worked as the hospitality and merchandiser for touring bands. This escalated into a career booking and running concerts. She later worked on various network TV shows, assisting independent movies, styling and designing wardrobe for modeling agencies, worked as photographers assistant, wrote independent music videos, and traveled around the US and Italy as a model herself. She currently runs her own charity concert company in which she books and employees bands/entertainers to perform for various foundations. Angel currently resides in Sandy, Utah.

Lindsey Watson - Assistant Cameraman

Lindsey has been interested in film ever since she was 15 years old and living in California. It all started when she had to make a video for her health class in 9th grade and her career has gone uphill since then. When she was 17, she went to the New York Film Academy for intensive training in directing, camera work, and editing. Later that year she was able to intern on an NBC pilot in Los Angeles which meant that she could get her foot in the door easily when she moved to Utah. Her first job in Utah was as a PA for the production company GoFilms (who created Saints and Soldiers and Forever Strong). After that she worked on her first feature film as a PA, knowing that she wanted to get into the camera department. In a few short months, she became a 2nd AC on a short film and shortly after did a feature in the same area. She quickly moved up to 1st AC and has been doing AC work ever since.

Kristen Hillier - Grip

Kristen Hillier fell in love with photography in high school and so pursuing cinematography while attending film school at BYU was only natural. Kristen has since worked as a Director of Photography in broadcast news, narrative film and documentary and has had content aired on ESPN, CBS, PBS, BYU TV and The Mtn. She also really enjoys camera assisting. Recently, she has worked as a still photographer on the feature film Midway to Heaven, produced the short fiction drama The Letter from Pearl Harbor, and was the cinematographer on a BYU Capstone film Weighted.

Gary Groth - Grip

Gary is a student of the Media Arts at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He has a passion for photography and cinematography. His main career goals are to shoot feature films and commercials as a director of photography, but while going through film school, he is working in whatever capacity he can to learn the trade. Most recently, he has been focusing on gaffing.

Brandon Karratti- Grip

Malachi Van Nice - Grip

Sound Department
Kevin G. Lee - Composer

Kevin is a talented musician and composer. He first started his career as a professional drummer and songwriter but then quickly moved onto other things. Because of his emphasis in musicality, versatility and proficiency, Kevin has been highly sought after. Kevin only recently entered the film scene and just began writing music for feature films within the last 2 years. Kevin has worked on such projects as The Kings of Appletown, All's Faire in Love, LA, I Hate You and more. An Evening With My Comatose Mother represents Kevin's first full film composition.

Michaela Pentacoff - Sound Designer & Recordist
As a musician, Michaela Pentacoff began writing music for friends' films in her early college years, encouraging her to take the opportunity to examine film academically. After entering the School of Media Arts at the University of Arizona, Michaela quickly began working on fellow students' films as a production sound recordist and composer. With the knowledge of sound recording and music composition, Michaela naturally fell into sound design. In 2006, Michaela worked as a boom operator and as an assistant sound designer on award winning short film Alma. Since then, Michaela has recorded production sound for numerous shorts and finished her first feature documentary sound design in May of 2008 for Warring Factions. Just before graduating in 2008, Michaela established the audio mixing process for the distinguished BFA Capstone Screening of the School of Media Arts by doing a rerecording mix on the twelve shorts, preparing them using theatrical standards. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Aesthetics and Criticism of Media Arts and a Minor in Music, Michaela was invited as a production sound mixer to the Sundance Directors Lab. Since then, her experience has grown and she has worked for ABC's Good Morning America and TLC's Sister Wives as a sound mixer.

Adam Valencia - Foley Artist

Matthew Taggart - Boom Operator

Makeup & Art Department

Lisa Sabin - Storyboard & Poster Artist
Lisa Sabin is an illustrator, graphic designer, and storyboard artist living in Salt Lake City, UT. She graduated from BYU in 2007. She loves to hike, camp, read graphic novels, and has a dog named Chewbacca. She is engaged to Patrick Kane. You may contact Lisa for storyboard work here:

Jamey Anthony - Costume Design

Christel Edwards Anthony - Make-up Department
Christel is a talented and versatile make-up artist with abilities ranging from beauty to SPFX. With a meticulous attention to detail, she is able to both enhance and transform with flawless precision. Her SPFX skills include sculpting and applying prosthetics, and airbrushing. She has received training from M.A.C. in Las Vegas as well as mentored with fellow professionals in her field. Christel is also a sought after beauty and SPFX instructor throughout the Salt Lake valley. Christel has honed her skills through countless hours of training and on-the-job work experience. She maintains a professional work ethic in both a team and solo environment. Her cheerful personality and professionalism provide an inviting and comfortable environment for both her clients and co-workers. Her resume includes work for runway, print, commercials, press junkets, television, and motion pictures. She has traveled internationally, and is available for work worldwide. Christel's passion for her craft sets her apart as a consummate artist and is evident in all of her work.

Amber Arcury - Make-up Department
Amber is a twenty-two year old up and coming makeup artist. Her love of music, movies, writing, shoes, and all things shiny have helped push her into the field of film. She enjoys learning new skills that will help her to achieve her goals of becoming a top makeup/special effects makeup artist. Creativity, passion, individuality and hard work are all traits that she possesses. She has been volunteering at haunted houses to build up her resume, as well as working on films, and through her skills as a makeup artist, her work enhances the overall atmosphere of each venue. She recently keyed her first feature film, Blood Fare, in hair and make-up.

Luis Arias - Makeup Artist

Kate Casalino - Makeup Artist

David Strebel - Makeup Effects Assistant

James C. Morris - Art & Props

A Theatre Graduate of the prestigious Actor Training Program of the University of Utah, James performed on both the Studio 115 and Babcock stages in such performances as Angels in America, Richard III, and The Heidi Chronicles. While studying for his BFA James worked for the nationally renowned Rocky Point Haunted House as a lead actor to become Rookie of the Year, and in the closing years Actor of Year while working with the great Cydney Neal and Fran Walsh.
A SAG eligible Actor, he was invited to the AMTC convention in the Carolina's. Working with Josh De'Horta on both his independent features as well as his short films, he worked for the Sci-Fi Channel on the original film Ice Spiders, as well as working with Jeff Kanew's National Lampoon film The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, among other features, shorts, and commercials both in and post-college.

Visual Effects Department
Stephen Sobisky - Visual Effects Supervisor

Stephen brings over 21 years of experience to An Evening with my Comatose Mother in various visual effects, 3D modeling and interactive multimedia production management positions in the entertainment and high tech industries. He has extensive experience in managing multi-million dollar projects and large creative teams in award winning CG entertainment including feature film, broadcast, commercial, multimedia, animation, and game projects. Stephen has worked for leading film studios, digital effects production houses, and interactive agencies as a Visual Effects Supervisor, Lighting & Effects Supervisor, 3D Modeling Producer, and VFX Project Manager, including PDI/DreamWorks, Viewpoint Datalabs and Candesa Interactive. He has completed numerous projects for top clients such as Disney, DreamWorks, General Motors, PDI, Disney, Digital Domain, Santa Barbara Studios, Rhythm & Hues, Mattel, Cinesite, Dream Quest Images, Station X, and others. He has worked on numerous, big-budget Hollywood blockbusters and video games throughout his career.

Lee Baker - Visual Effects Producer

brings over 12 years of experience in the film industry with a focus on the creative aspects of screenwriting and storytelling. His professional positions have been in the areas of acquisitions and development of film and television projects and include working with Miramax Films, Once Upon a Time Films, Partizan Films and Old Beantown Films. He also brings extensive experience in the business world in management, marketing and finance and has raised funds for entertainment and real estate projects. He has taught courses at UCLA Extension, Loyola Marymount University, the University of Utah, the Utah Department of Education and the Utah Education Network. Subjects he has taught include English, Writing, Maya 3D animation, Educational Technology, Digital Video Editing and Digital Camera. Lee has written many screenplays and optioned a screenplay entitled Moonlight Sonata to IPC Films in Hollywood. He is currently directing the digital animation feature film, Jack, the Beanstalk and Cromwell, a screenplay he has written.

Joey Gates - Digital Effects Artist

Bruce Holt - Digital Effects Artist

Christian Perry - Visual Effects Producer
Christian has extensive experience as a Visual Effects Supervisor, and Digital Effects Artistry for a variety projects ranging from small to large budget productions in Film & Television. Feature film & Television credits in these various positions include: Pushing Daisies, Advent Rising (Video Game), JAAMA, Race To Witch Mountain, Spiderman(Video Game), Trauma, Gentlemen Bronco’s, The Game Plan, Outlaw Trail, Forever Strong, Redemption of Sarah Kane, Passage to Zarahemla, Lovewrecked, and many others.

Post Production & Other
Richard Teasdale - Editor

Originally interested in animation, Richard enrolled in Utah Valley University's Digital Media program. There, he became excited by the storytelling process. As a student, he wrote, directed and edited several short films, had two plays produced and a short story published. After a brief internship in 2007 at a local newspaper, he was hired as a video editor for web shorts, but shortly after was transitioned into a role as a full-time video journalist at Provo's Daily Herald. 
In addition to videography, Richard has also worked as an editor on the short films I Am From Nowhere, a documentary about the history and culture of the Lemko people of Poland and Ukraine, and the award winning horror short An Evening with My Comatose Mother.

Tina Thorup - Casting Director

"Tina is one of the nicest and talented casting directors I know," says Talent Manager Don Gibble. From humble beginnings in Salt Lake City, Utah, her first forays into the world of working with talent were in high school drama. Her high school involvement with drama, stage crew and the Thespian Club evolved over the years into working as an independent casting director. Says Tina, "I love working with Talent - they're the people that make the world go round - I love to experience them in their greatness." In her debut as a caster, she has already cast features, commercials, music videos, shorts, webisodes and has done other promotional casting. Her most recent film, An Evening with My Comatose Grandmother, has been nominated for several awards in film festivals, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. She works with a large range of cast sizes and very diverse talent as well. "Working with Tina was an absolute pleasure, "says Producer/Director Jonathan Martin. "I will always have her involved with the casting of my projects in the future."

Jacob Schwarz - Colorist

Jeff Yeats - On-Set Videographer

Zachary Taylor - On-Set Photographer

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